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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 10pm  CW  August 11, 2010 9:00pm-9:30pm PST

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will announce his decision, and why even that mi wedding bells could be ringing tore salary -- for california same sex couples. >> and to me -- we have two choices. we can continue to do this with chaos or -- arguments for and against the -- on the 64-foot tower. dozens of officers ton trail of one suspect. the uneventful end to a standoff. it's a kid magnet coded in danger. the health threat associated with jump houses. good especially i'm dana king. the news starts now. good evening, tomorrow we will find out whether gay
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couples will be allowed to get married once again in california. the judge who overturned prop. 8 will announce his decision by noon. we are at the city hall where same sex couples may soon start lining up to say "i do." app. >> reporter: as we stand outside, we do know one thing. gay doubles are filled with hope that the judge he a ruling maybe favorable. we even learned that the records office is preparing for a large number of people assuming the judge rules in their favor but we did speak with one legal expert tonight who says that couples should temper that optimism with a lot of caution. >> in his heart he doesn't want to extend the stay, he wants to deny the stay because he's already found that california does not suffer a serious harm from same sex marriages occurring. >> reporter: but the law school
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pro fer sore says that's not a guarantee. in fact, little says walker conducted a careful and cautious trial on prop. 8 and will likely be just as careful in ruling on the stay. >> what i think he would do, if he were to lift the stay, would be to make it effective say 24 hours later. >> reporter: he says that's because walker does not want to be reversed on appeal. so he will likely allow prop. 8 supporters to file an appeal. >> they have motion nels that sit continuously throughout the year. they will decide that easily within a week, maybe less. >> reporter: if prop. 8 supporters appeal, it is unlikely the ban on same sex marriage licenses will be lifted. >> it's not a final ruling until the appeal is over. anybody who heard that he denied the stay but then extended time for the 9th circuit to consider it and ran
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off to get married i think they would be disappointed. >> reporter: if judge walker lifts the stay and puts no provisions on his ruling tomorrow, that would how the counties to immediately started issuing same sex marriage licenses. and even if thed court of appeals does not back the judge's ruling we are told by the experts that those marriage licenses issued tomorrow would not be revoked and the marriages would still be deemed legal. but right now it's all speculation we have to wait until tomorrow for the judge's ultimate ruling. >> we will be all overrule it. thank you, robert. at least one couple is ready to go if the judge allows gay marriages to resume. eric has been hanging out at city hall waiting for a decision to come down. he has his application for a marriage certificate and the wedding rings for him and his partner. the couple wants to wed quickly in case same sex marriages are banned again. now this fight has gone back and forth for quite a while
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now. in 2000 -- in 2004, san francisco mayor allowed marriage licenses to be issued so same sex doubles. when a month later, the they ordered the city to stop doing. then that was overturned. gay doubles wed until november of that year until prop. 8 was passed. that brings us to last week when a federal judge overturned the voter approved ban. stay with us for the complete coverage. again, it's going to come sometime we are told between 9:00 am and noon. we will have life coverage on cbs 5, as soon as that decision is made public, we are always op tonight, the santa clara
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panning commission made its decision. there was heated public comment. >> reporter: planning commission meetings don't normally get this exciting but that's lot riding on this vote tonight. one commissioner said he hopes this would still be an issue -- because they were muslim. will this proposed six story -- and. >> it is part of our culture and part of our identity. just as the cross symbolizes the christian faith or the temple. >> reporter: to one of the largest muslim communities in the south bay, it is a symbol of their devotion. it just doesn't fit in an area
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for zoned and light industrial businesses, some say. >> it's our belief that the building currently under construction is incompatible with the existing arrest tech during. >> reporter: he filed an appeal opposing the plan to build the tower. he was not alone. a handful of people spoke out against it. >> if you want to remove the political dominance of i see lam why not a 10--foot one. it has no practical purposes any way. >> to me, it does have symbolism and to me it is what happened on 9/11. >> reporter: emotions were high on both sides. >> this kind of thinking is very counter productive in a society like this. i'm just appalled. it really hurts me as an american muslim. >> reporter: the planning
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commission voted -- it can go forward. scott is not sure if he would appeal again. >> i wouldn't be here if they were building a 63-foot tower in a different setting. >> this is our home, we have adopted this as our home. we are here to stay. so we have two choices. we can continue in this chaos or we can move from here to friendship. >> reporter: and whenever that is built it will go to the right of that tree here as we are back here live at the mosque. now tom scott still has the right to appeal this to the city counsel at this point he has not made a decision on that just yet. >> thank you. a fundraiser for san francisco's controversial proposition b drew dozens of supporters this evening. >> it's approved in november, it would require city workers
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to pay more toward their pension. it would also increase the cost of health insurance for their dependent. some say it would force them to make painful choices. >> do i have to decide whether or not i want this guy to go to preschool or if i want to get him health coverage. >> the reality is we don't have our revenues to meet our expenses. >> earlier this week, city unions filed suit to stop the measure from going to the ballot saying that petitions for the initiative were misleading. the measures he ---- says it will safe the city $170 million a year. authorities in east bay warning women to lock their women's and doors after three attacks on women in the same apartment complex. the park region sighal see parents. a man found a way into a woman's locked apartment and threatened her. she managed to get away and police say women all over that
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area should be careful. >> they should be concerned about this activity where an individual has targeted a specific area and specifically women. they should be very concerned and be aware of who is around them. >> investigators say the same man raped a woman at the same complex last month then tried to assault another woman back in june. a high speed chase led to a standoff today. the sheriffs department said authorities started chasing the suspect on high was 4 around 3:00 this afternoon. he eventually stopped in a bay point neighborhood after driving on spike strips. he was in thattual low suv there. authorities had their guns pointed at him until he surrendered around 5:45 this evening. it is not clear who this man is accused of killing. coming up, just one can
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keep kids occupied for hours. research suggest it can also get them pretty sick, the danger lurking in, on, and around those jump houses. >> it looks like something cool happening. >> he's right. a massive reconstruction is almost done at the plunge. when you can take your first dip. the holy month begins today increwsing another of other religious conditions. there is an app for it now. how technology is helping muslims observe. our temperatures a good 20 degrees below normal. [ female announcer ] jobs leaving.
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a budget disaster. california on the brink. jerry brown's plan? you run for office and the assumption is, oh, i know what to do. you don't. i didn't have a plan for california. [ female announcer ] with our state in crisis, we need a governor with a plan. you need a real plan, something i'll acknowledge i did not have. [ female announcer ] jerry brown. no plan then. no plan now. meg whitman. a plan for jobs. log on. learn more.
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meals. first, san extra clara county. now san francisco could be the next to ban toys in some kids meals. legislation introduced this week would outlaw prizes in meals containing more than 600 calories. -- tells the chronicle he wants to promote healthier eating and reduce cost to our healthcare system. the ban would apply to all restaurants within the city limits. santa clara county's ban only affects restaurants in unincorporated areas. concerns about unsafe led levels have prompted the attorney general to sue members
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of bounce houses. they want manufacturers to start using vine i will with led to make those innaturable things at kids' parties. he also wants them to post warning. testing found some bouncy houses contained far more led than is legally allowed. >> under federal law for children's products they can't contain any more than 300 -- we found 70 times more led than that. >> now right now there is no easy way to know if it has high levels of led. so have kids wash their hands with soap and water and also wash their clothing and if they have been really active, have them take a shower. a be loved east way landmark about to reopen. it's the huge indoor poor known as the richmond plunge. volunteers got this pool back in the swim of things.
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>> it looks like something cool happening. >> 5-year-old david wasn't even born when the plunge closed its doors in 2001, but he can't wait to jump in. >> everybody said you can't get rid of the mushrooms so that's why it is now. >> she's rim is inning about this former indoor fountain that's been moved outside for health reasons. >> you could sit all around the edge of it and the water would come over the top. >> built in 1926 the plunge was then damaged in the quake and deemed unsafe. nine years and 7 and a half million dollars later, the plunge is about to reopen. >> you are walking into one of the old pool pal ass of the 1920s. >> reporter: architect -- while improving upon it. >> this was rebuilt. this was torn out in the '60s. >> reporter: he claims this is the cleanest, greenest pool in the country. it has a little bit of salt in
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it. about the same as found in human tears. you don't smell any color even. >> it gets sapped by ultra violet lights. >> reporter: blending new and old, solar energy help heats the pool. hand painted signs state the rules but the walkways are much larger. >> this was the old walk right here. this huge pool had a very small pool deck. there's a picture of the people who are jammed in here. so now it's more gracious. >> reporter: the plunge has always had a mural and this new one features a be loved local swim teachers. >> she is amazing inspiration for me. >> reporter: she's now 83 and it's hoped she will be the first one in the pool on saturday. david will also be there. his parents came here as kids and so did he and he's the one who raised the money to rebuild the plunge and best sums up
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what all this means. >> i'm probably like everyone else, it's very awesome. >> the official grand opening is set for 11:00 a.m. on saturday morning. i have it on good authority, though, that there is going to be a special surprise at 10:30. so people who are planning oncoming down, get here at 10:30 see something special. app you know what it is? >> no and if i did i wouldn't tell. >> cannon ball coming. >> i think it's free float he's. >> i swim three times a week and i never swim in an indoor poor. all right. today's temperatures, anywhere from 59 degrees in san francisco, 74 degrees in -- that was the outside number. it looks like the over cast conditions are going to continue. they will greet you for your morning commute tomorrow. infact that marine layer is so deep, we will have some heavy
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drizzle at the coast of bay side because of that deep marine layer, temperatures averaged 10 to 18 degrees below average. only 69 degrees inland in concord and again you can blame it on the upper-level trough that's persistent over the states. it's going to be about 2500 feet deep tomorrow morning. tonight, temperatures wise in the 50s. the winds have dialed back. but they will increase tomorrow 15 to 20 late day. 78 degrees in san jose. you're going to feel the difference in liver more where it was only 69 today. up to 83 degrees but still below par. santa rosa up to 75. and 70 prepare american canyon. the extended forecast calls for that gradual warmup. there you have it. summer returns to the bay area
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for the first time since july 15th on sunday and monday and up know it's been feeling a lot like alaska around here. we were sent this real picture of a alaska and we thank you and welcomome your photos all t way here. >> that's beautiful. >> isn't that gorgeous. >> it's beautiful country. >> just look here. there you go. >> thank you, ma'am. well as musliming begin celebrating the month long observe answer of ramadan today, some of them received the call to prayer on their smart phone. there are a's out there now to let the people know when it's time to pray. there's also an app they say provides a deeper knowledge of the koran. >> just like the press when back when the bible was being printed, the ipad is bringing
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the same exact revolution to the koran. >> there are also smart phone a's that provide spiritual guide answer for christians, jews and hindus. anyone who has been there, getting your car towed, you know getting it back can be expensive. tonight's good question. >> i'm a little a bald that none of you know very much about indian culture. >> this is the
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>> yeah it's kind of a tossup as to which is worse. having your car towed or having the hundreds of dollars it pays to get it back. we are asking tonight is there
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a limit to what toe companies can charge here in san francisco. that's tonight's good question. >> reporter: it's the worst feeling in the world. you come outside to look for your car and you realize, it got towed. so your car gets towed by the city. this is where it ends up and it's going to cost you a whole lot of money to get it out. >> for city-initiated towing it's approximately $380 for the towing charges and it gets higher for storage fees. so altogether roughly around $500. >> here's how it breaks down. the city of san francisco has a contracts with a company called auto return. but to get your auto returned you have to pay up front. $199.25 for the towing char. the city of san francisco gets an additional administrative fee of -- you have to pay the parking fine itself before they release your car, typically
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that's $85 for a toe way zone downtown then there's the charge of $51.25 that goes up every day to store your car. >> that's why we even courage people who have gotten their cars today to get them as soon as possible. >> reporter: he says the city toes upwards of 160 vehicles a day. at an average cost to drivers at about $500 per toe. the city's take. well more than $7 million a year and that's just tow truck drivers under contract with the city of san francisco. the fees for independent operators are governed by thest state. >> all -- follow the rules of the road and parking and you should be okay. they finish practice, with a game on the line gets who came through again. -- guess who came through
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start the clock back ton disabled list t giants went next door for the help. >> walk down the hallway and join his new team. pat burrell homer again. they beat the cubs 5-4. meanwhile, the a's avoided being swept in seattle, big day for that man. mark ellis. three doubles, curb suzuki and pennington score. dallas braden won for the third time. pitches his fourth complete game of the season.
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a's beat the m's. -- has gone awol. meanwhile michael crab free left this afternoon's practice with a strained neck putting his status in jeopardy for sunday's preseason opener. what channel is that on again, i can't? >> 44 cable 12. >> it's pretty good. >> i challenge any other 49ers to come up with a 44 cable 12 of his own. >> how about raiders? >> or raiders. >> is crabtree hurt? >> he has a strained neck. >> yeah, yeah, how bad is that. >> my guess is he probably won't play sunday. i don't know for sure but what's the point.
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>> i mean we've got a whole season ahead, so, all right. we will come back at 11:00. >> we will see you then. "meg whitman says she'll run california like her company..." seen this attack on meg whitman? who are these people? they're the unions and special interests behind jerry brown. they want jerry brown because, he won't "rock the boat," in sacramento. he'll be the same as he ever was. high taxes. lost jobs. big pensions for state employees. the special interests have chosen their governor. how about you?
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